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We bring back those times when people returned from the trip with lovely memories in their heart.

The gorgeous view of the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira, at 2952 feet high, is the same that was appreciated by heads of state and presidents of major corporations.

The European colonial-style architecture, Italian marbled flooring rooms , the elegant arches of the restaurant and the kindness when receiving every guest remain intact, as they were once reported by the national and international press.

Additionally, it’s the same soccer field where players of the great Brazilian national team in the sixties trained for the World Cup.

The memorial located in the woods of the resort brings back those golden times by showing their autographs.

The next memories will tell stories of your weekends, holidays and vacations in the Grand Resort Serra Negra.

Grand Resort Serra Negra - Projeto Álvaro Cortês

The architect Álvaro Cortês designed the
project for the revitalization of the Resort